Top 5 Great Apps for iPad

great apps for iPad
apps for iPad

As Apple iPad continue to dominate tablet market, the demand for quality apps for iPad is also increasing significantly. Developers and investors are pushing hard in order to publish great apps for iPad. Interesting point to note here is that some of these apps are completely free and most of the apps cost less than 50p. Apple has a strict control over all the apps in the apps store unlike android apps which might be a threat for the tables running android operating systems.

After doing careful research we have come up with the following 10 great apps for iPad.

  • 1. Facebook

Facebook by far the most downloaded apps for iPad devices. The social networking guru finally released their amazing apps so that the friends and family can stay connected on the move, share updates, photos or even videos in a matter of few seconds. Despite the complain from the early customers about the Facebook app being slow and hidden bug which make the apps crashes frequently, Facebook continue to improve their apps and now its pretty much stable.

  • 2. YouTube

YouTube the most popular video sharing websites by Google continued to improve their services and released their own YouTube app for iPad. User can quickly search their favourite videos and enjoy watching them anywhere.

  • 3. iBooks

iBooks is another great app for iPad. It’s very simple and sophisticated with nice interface for downloading and reading books. User can download the best-selling books from the iBook store. iBook has many incredible features for example flip through pages, bookmarking, can highlight favourite passages, reading from PDF and printing facilities.

  • 4. BBC News

BBC news app for iPad is another great product from BBC. It allows user to skim through the main stories and videos quickly instead of opening the website. It also helps to share the story, rearrange the categories of their choice and finally read the news in both portrait and landscape mode for convenience.

  • 5. Dropbox

Dropbox is another great app for iPad which provides cloud based storage facilities for your files, documents, pictures and videos. You can easily sync your files into the Dropbox for back and can later be accessed from any other device from anywhere in the world.

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