iPad Mini On Sale Now

Announced last week, Apple’s iPad Mini went on sale on Saturday, November 3.

The shrunken version of Apple’s original iPad, which has a smaller 7.9-inch screen starts at $329 for the 8GB, Wi-Fi model. The iPad Mini runs the latest iOS 6 operating system and have full functions of the iPad. At the moment only, only Wi-Fi models are on sale, with 3G/4G versions to be available later.

Besides, a revamped version of the regular iPad complete with a Retina Display is also on sale now. The upgraded iPad now comes with a much faster processor and has the new “Lightning” dock connector like the iPhone 5.

Though, new Apple product launches witness massive lines, this time it seemed that fewer people lined up to get their hands on Apple latest wonder gadget. Even fewer people queued up in Australia and New Zealand, according to reports by Reuters and The Wall Street Journal.
Obviously, the reason less people queued at the iconic Apple’s cube store was due to Hurricane Sandy. However, in the morning more people lined up.

Despite the short lines reports, Apple sold out its initial iPad Mini stock online, when the tablet was offered for sale last Friday. Currently, shipment of the black and white iPad Mini’s to US customers has been delayed for two weeks.

Nonetheless, analysts think that these short lines don’t mean much.
Patrick Moorhead, a principal analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy said the lines are just signs of excitement. Sales will pick up when the holiday season keeps getting close. The iPad Mini isn’t much that different from the iPhone 5 or the iPad 4, he added.

Meanwhile, Piper Jaffray analysts expect that the Cupertino based company will sell close to one to 1.5 million iPad Mini’s in the opening weekend.

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