Different Types of iPad and Their Features

No two iPads are the same; this is often a misconception by many. For there is the iPad 3G and iPad Wi-Fi, both gadgets of which a newcomer to the iPad circles can definitely get confused with the two especially when they are trying to make a purchase.There are really glaring differences between the iPad 3G and the iPad Wi-fi one of which is that the iPad 3G is able to connect to most cell phones and networks while the Apple iPad Wi-Fi only has the capabilities of connecting with local networks.

The Apple iPad Wi-Fi is also a good gadget for browsing the Internet and of course its users are able to access the Internet from anywhere where there is a wireless feed present.The other difference that would come to the fore is the one about the prices of each gadget. Depending on what you can afford financially you will pay close to $500 for the wi-fi iPad while the iPad 3G is available for close to $630. Although money is a huge factor in all of this, remember you should always buy in to what works for you and what sort of needs you intend to fulfill with an iPad. The choice is yours.


  1. sambilson says:

    please can u send profiles of the i pads u have with their cost . thanx

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