It’s Cheaper To Make The Apple iPad Air Than The iPad 3

apple ipad airThere is no argument that the Apple iPad Air is the most powerful than all other previous iPads. But how much did it cost Apple to make it?

According to AllThingsD and IHS report researchers, manufacturing costs of the iPad Air is less than the iPad 3, (the iPad before the iPad 4), though the Retina display now costs more.

It’s actually the screen that is the most noticeable change to the internals of the 9.7-inch tablet. A new design has enabled Apple to use only one layer of glass instead of two, which resulted in the reduction of the thickness of the device from 2.23mm to 1.8mm.

Another big change is that the backlight now consists of only 36 LEDs. The iPad 3 had 84 LEDs. This means that the iPad Air display needs less energy, but the light is evenly distributed out thanks to an optical film.

Overall, it costs Apple $274 to produce the 16GB, Wi-Fi only iPad Air, which is the cheapest model on offer. The most expensive model on sale 64GB, Wi-Fi/Cellular iPad Air, costs $361 to produce. Those models retail at $500 and $930 respectively.
ihs report
Speaking of costs, the iPad Air screen costs $133, which is higher than the old screen. The new and more powerful processor, the 64-bit Apple A7, is cheaper too. Samsung makes those for $18 per piece. The old A5 processor cost $23 a pop, one and half years ago.

A whole contingent of companies had supplied various components for the iPad Air; don’t forget to visit the AllThingsD’s post for more information on who supplied Apple with the modems, RAMs, camera modules and other bits.

Apple unveiled the iPad Air on Oct. 22; the device went on sale on Nov. 1.

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