Apple iWatch To Be Launched Within This Year

apple iwatchApple’s highly speculated entry into the wearable tech category, the Apple iWatch, has been lauded as the next best thing from the Cupertino-based company.

According to latest rumors from Korea surrounding the iWatch, sources indicated that Apple will release different models for each gender, a 1.7-inch model for men, and 1.3-inch one for women. This makes sense as watchmakers has been following this traditional approach for centuries, which is a large and more robust design for men, and a small and elegant version for women.

The Korea Herald reported that, the iWatch will be launched as soon as at the end of this year, but we think we’re probably expecting too much or is it?

With supply problems affecting the availability of the new iPad mini 2, which Apple itself confirmed, they could certainly use something for a strong holiday shopping season, and Apple’s first wearable device would just be the thing. Nonetheless, this new report contradicts previous reports in August that the iWatch will be released in late 2014.

David Hseih, VP of DisplaySearch for Greater China, unveiled about Apple’s iWatch plans at a conference in Taiwan on Wednesday (Nov. 13). It also been revealed that Apple has put hold its plans of developing their new Apple TV to focus on their wearable devices.

However, smartwatches are still in their infancy, and many are hoping that Apple will lead the innovation in this segment. Let’s wait and see, if it can deliver.

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